Considering psychotropic medications

Considering psychotropic medications I understand that it is often an anxiety producing experience to add another healthcare provider to your treatment team, and additionally difficult to tell your story to someone else. When considering that medications may be something you need, it is important to know that much evaluation and education goes into a pharmacotherapy appointment....
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Sexting is not just a teen thing

The phenomenon of sexting - the exchange of sexually explicit messages or images - has long been associated with teens. But that changed this week when Rep. Anthony Weiner, a married congressman from New York, admitted to sending a sexually suggestive photo of himself through the social media site Twitter to a woman he didn't...
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Stigma and Mental Health

South Shore Women's Journal - Health & Wellness By Dr. Julie A. Johnson What are the reasons people who need mental health treatment do not seek mental health treatment? Believe it or not, there is still a huge stigma when it comes to accessing mental health. Many people feel ashamed that they feel depressed...
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