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  • Generic Name: Clonazepam
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Your doctor might advise you to buy Klonopin 1mg online as a reliable and personalized treatment for your panic disorder and seizures. Doctors may occasionally also recommend Klonopin for anxiety, Klonopin for depression, or Klonopin for sleep. Clonazepam may have some unexpected adverse effects if taken without identified health problems, so talk to your doctor before you buy clonazepam online.

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What is Klonopin ?

Clonazepam brand name is marketed under its trademark Klonopin. This drug falls under the anticonvulsant or antiepileptic category. It also belongs to the class of drugs known as benzodiazepines. Benzodiazepines are usually referred to as sedatives or tranquillizers due to their calming, sedating, and tranquillizing effects. Clonazepam acts by stimulating the GABA-A receptors in the brain. It functions by causing interruptions in the nervous system and increasing the activity of artificial couriers, which prevents the brain’s nerve cells from moving in an abnormally unsteady and excessive manner. 

What is klonopin used for?

This medication is exclusively authorized for the treatment of specific forms of panic disorder and seizures (for example, Lennox-Gastaut syndrome, akinetic, myoclonic, and absence seizures). The FDA has not given its approval for the use of Klonopin for anxiety or Klonopin for insomnia. Panic disorder, however, is a similar type of anxiety disorder. Therefore, it might be recommended based on your level of anxiety. Additionally, some people use Klonopin for sleep because of its calming and soothing effects. 

What is the clonazepam mechanism of action? 

The neurotransmitters in the brain that help to calm and relax the body and mind are increased by klonopin. Many people report feeling less anxious as a result. Muscle relaxation can also lessen the possibility of seizures, reduce RLS, and minimize the frequency of disturbances brought on by REM disorder. By calming tense muscles, klonopin encourages the body to experience deep relaxation. Additionally, it encourages deeper sleep throughout other phases of your sleep cycle.

How Long Does Klonopin Last?

It is advised to take Klonopin 30 minutes prior to bedtime. That’s because the medication’s effects begin to appear nearly right away, with the majority of patients feeling the calming effects within an hour after consumption.

Most individuals are able to sleep throughout the night once the right Klonopin dosage has been established. Your body retains klonopin for 8 to 12 hours. You might discover that you wake up multiple times during the night if the dose is too low. An excessive amount can make it difficult to wake up in the morning and make you feel tired all day.

How many mg of klonopin can you take a day?

If you’re taking Klonopin for the first time, start slowly and gradually. The typical klonopin dosage ranges from 0.25 to 2 mg. The daily maximum Klonopin dosage for patients is 4 mg. In many cases, patients using Klonopin for problems like seizures, anxiety, and insomnia are permitted to consume up to four times a day.

 Klonopin for seizure disorders

      • The typical clonazepam dosage for seizure disorders: is 0.5–5 mg used orally three times per day.
      • For seizure disorders, the maximum clonazepam dosage: 20 mg per day.
  • Klonopin dosage for panic disorder
      • The typical clonazepam dosage for panic disorder: 0.5–2 mg taken orally two times per day.
      • For panic disorder, the maximum clonazepam dosage: 4 mg per day
  • Klonopin dosage for anxiety
      • The typical clonazepam dosage for anxiety disorder: 0.25 mg or 0.5 mg two times per day.
      • Maximum clonazepam dosage for anxiety disorder: 4 mg per day
  • Klonopin dosage for sleep
    • The typical clonazepam dosage for sleep: 0.25 mg or 2 mg once per day before bedtime.
    • Maximum clonazepam dosage for sleep: 4 mg per day

Is It Safe to Take Klonopin Long-Term?

The length of time that people are given Klonopin prescriptions varies. Everything depends on the condition you’re trying to address. Your doctor will keep track of how you’re responding to the medication and changes in the level of conditions you have as you receive therapy from klonopin pills. In the end, Klonopin is produced for usage over a short period of time—weeks or months, not years. The Klonopin dosage will gradually decrease until you are able to discontinue taking it completely.

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What not to take with clonazepam?

  • Take this drug as directed for the whole duration of time for optimum impact. For easier recalling, take it at the same time each day.
  • Without first consulting your doctor, do not discontinue using klonopin tablets.
  • Take this drug by mouth two or three times each day, as directed by your doctor.
  • This medication may become less effective over time if used continuously. Consult your physician if this medication stops working as well.
  • The most frequent side effect is daytime sleepiness (drowsiness).
  • It is not likely that clonazepam would become addictive if you use it for a brief period of time (between 2 and 4 weeks).
  • When taking clonazepam for a period of time longer than 2 to 4 weeks, you must gradually reduce your dosage before discontinuing.
  • Avoid drinking alcohol if you are taking clonazepam. You can experience unusually deep sleep and have a hard time waking up.